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Tsunami Microphones

The Tsunami Harmonica Pick-up

                                                   Buckeye Music


The Tsunami was introduced back in 2015 by Buckeye Music, modeled after the famed Strnad that had long since been discontinued.


Staying true to the original design, the Tsunami starts with an ABS plastic shell, encasing a dynamic cartridge element. It's compact design is easy to hold and light-weight.


Using the Tsunami is relatively painless. At the face of the instrument accessory, you will find two adjustable screws to help you fit your harmonica snuggly in between the "teeth".  Most harmonicas we've tried, will fit within the space of the opening. However, some harmonicas with uniquely shaped covers may have an issue.


The Tsunami can be either held in your hand, or even incorporated into a neck rack for hands free playing without a problem. And with a ten-foot instrument cord, you should have plenty of room to work. The 1/4" jack at the end works with any foot pedal or effects board that you may have, so you need not worry about any compatibility issues there. The Tsunami also has no issue with either low or high impedance amplifiers. 


How the microphone works;


This microphone was designed to capture and amplify the true tone of the harmonica. The Tsunami funnels all sound directly into the element cartridge, to produce sound equally over all octaves and notes with uniform volume.  


Features included within the microphone;


Each Tsunami Microphone comes with a built in port at the top for finger or palm manipulation to simulate a tremolo or "wah wah" effect. The Tsunami also features a volume control knob at the base of the casing to eliminate the need to walk back to your amplifier for adjustment.


The Tsunami is also capable of working in conjunction with various effects pedals or boards or basically any kind of rigging or setup that you can think of without any kind of problem. 


The Tsunami does use a dynamic microphone element, but it is not the same one that was found in the old Strnad microphones from years ago.


Fitment and which one is right for you;


The Tsunami is currently available in three different sizes.


If you're a diatonic player, then the choise is obvious. You won't have much of an issue with this one. Unless you have oddly shaped covers.


If you're playing a chromatic, there are two available sizes. Twelve and sixteen. If you're playing a fourteen hole chromatic, we recommend going with the sixteen hole Tsunami for your harmonica.


And as always, if you have any additional questions or concerns, just give us a call.


Tsunami Mics






(12MIC) Tsunami 12 Chromatic Microphone w/Case

Model suitable for 12 Hole Chromatic Harmonicas

Regular Price: $139.99
Save: $30.04
Depot Price


(16MIC) Tsunami 16 Chromatic Microphone w/Case

Model suitable for 16 and 14 hole chromatic harmonicas

Regular Price: $149.99
Save: $30.04
Depot Price


(SVMIC) Tsunami Diatonic Harmonica Microphonew/Case and Harmonica
Regular Price: $99.95
Save: $20.00
Depot Price


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