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About Us

Buckeye Music LLC is an internet based musical instrument and accessories retailer that has been around for the better part of 20 years.
Purchased from John Hall back in 2004, as Harp Depot, Buckeye Music has since ventured into manufacturing in an attempt to bring their own version of instruments to the market place.
A retailer for Hohner, Suzuki, and Lee Oskar harmonicas for several years, and eventually Seydel as well. We now also offer our own line of harmonicas and harmonica related products.
We don't contract out with brick and mortar stores and we don't have investors to keep happy. We invest our own finances and do everything we can to bring so much to the market ourselves. We now have two diatonic harmonica models, The Soul's Voice and Maverick. With these two harmonica models, we fully intend to expand their key ranges as well as offer various customizable options. With every little piece of feedback we get from our customers, we're able to continue to further refine our products and make them better than before. We stand behind these two instruments, and want our potential buyers to feel confident in us, that we offer a full year warranty for defective manufacturing and reed plate replacement within that time frame.
In addition to harmonicas, we also have various cases.
We also have recently released a microphone for the 10 hole diatonic. This microphone will fit both of our harmonica models, as well as just about any other 10 hole diatonic harmonica currently on the market, with the exception of Thunderbirds and low tuned Manji harmonicas, or basically any harmonica with the uneven cover plate design.
Give our products a try. They're well built, solid instruments.

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