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(SVMIC) Tsunami Diatonic Harmonica Microphonew/Case and Harmonica

Online Price

Regular Price: $99.95
Save: $20.00
Depot Price


Tsunami Diatonic Harmonica Microphone
Here is our number one best selling microphone. This Tsunami model will fit almost ALL diatonic harmonicas with little or no effort at all. The mouth of the instrument has a pair of adjustable screws to help you with fine tuning your harmonica for the right fit.
Black ABS plastic houses a dynamic microphone element which, by design of the body, captures all of the sound from your harmonica producing unequaled even sound quality through the entire range of the harmonica. No more palming or having it slip in your hands if they get sweaty. The harmonica is locked in tight.
A nice feature incorporated into the Tsunami's design, is the finger "port" or "hole" at the top. This allows for some vibrato or "wah wah" effect.
There's also a volume knob conveniently placed at the base of the body for easy adjustment while playing or in between songs. Eliminating the need to walk back to your amplifier for adjustments.
The Tsunami comes with a built in instrument cable at 10 feet in length. And this can be used in conjunction with various effects pedals or boards as well, you can even squeeze it into a neck rack for hands free playing. You also shouldn't have too much of an issue with squeal either, just by the nature of this design.
Please be aware, that if your harmonica has extra wide or odd shaped covers, there may be fitment issue. Know this before placing an order.
If you think the Tsunami would be a good fit for you, then give this thing a try! We're pretty sure you won't regret it. And just in case you do, however unlikely, we do stand behind it with an awesome warranty as well.
-Black ABS plastic body
-Dynamic microphone cartridge
-10' instrument cord
-Adjustable volume control knob
-Open port for wah wah and virbrato effects
-1 year warranty against defects and failure under normal use (warranted by Buckeye Music only)
-New for 2017 zipper case with spare screws, nuts, and screwdriver
If you have any comments, concerns, questions, or would just like to know more about this product, just give us a call, or shoot us an email.
For the duration of Summer 2017, if you buy a Tsunami now, you will receive a Brand New Soul's Voice diatonic harmonica for FREE with your purchase. Simply just select which key you would like with your microphone, and you're all set! There are over 20 keys to choose from!!
If you're wondering how this is possible, we are the manufacturer of both of these great items, so we can offer you this super deal. And since we're the manufacturer of both of these items, our warranty is good for the whole package! Even the free harmonica!
Buckeye Music / Tsunami Mics
PO Box 276
Vandalia OH 45377

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